Vesna Kesić, our dear friend, comrade, fierce feminist activist, journalist, researcher  sociologist, died on December 27, 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia. We are inviting her friends from the feminist community and wider to share memories at:

An Informal Web Remembrance of Vesna Kesić,

Date :  Feb 28, 2021

Time:  12 Noon in NY / 6pm in Zagreb

Zoom Link:

Passcode: 219006

There will be ten of us speaking at the beginning. You are all invited to share your memories, thoughts and reflections if you feel so.  Everyone is welcome, be free to  send this info to a friend.

In feminist sisterhood,

Nanette Funk, Aida Bagić, Nela Pamuković, Lepa Mladjenović, Tanya Renne



About the Event: This is informal event. Think of it as a virtual hang-around-a-campfire to tell stories, sing songs, share potent moments of silence, and have some good laughs.

Event will be recorded.

We are anticipating we will be a large group. To help our time together go smoothly we have a couple of suggestions.

  • We will be there 15 minutes aerlier: you can come before 12/6pm so we can get started on time.
  • We suggest to keep microphones muted to minimize background noise.
  • We suggest that participants download the Zoom app to computer or other device. Our experience is that it is much easier to join a meeting through the Zoom app, rather than through the web browser.

Tech Support during the evening is Slatka Tanya. She will announce herself at the beginning.  To get her support during the meeting one needs to send a private chat message to “TECH”.