Poslijediplomski seminar Feminist Critical Analysis: Differences, Sexualities and Con/text održan je pri Interuniverzitetskom centru u Dubrovniku od 22.-27. svibnja 2006.

Seminar su organizirale Rada Borić, Centar za ženske studije, Zagreb, Daša Duhaček, Centar za ženske studije, Beograda i Joanna Regulska, Odsjek za ženske i rodne studije, Rutgers University, New Jersey.

This seminar will explore differences in their full array; to examine differences means to call into question some pivotal theoretical and consequently practico-political concepts such as the mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion, binary paradigms, concept of the subject (political, sexual, other). Contemporary debates on differences and identities especially address the implications that theses debates raise around the issues of fluid and complex identity formations (sexual and other). Differences invoke the notion of the other, which will be understood, besides referring to the other as the other human being, as a notion which also refers to the other species, to the other nations, to the other times, spaces, to the otherlanguages, to the other sex, – or to put it differently, the notion that could refer to any other in its otherness.

However, some differences -such as the concept of sexual differences – may vertically cut across other differences and then lead to the questioning the western model of thinking and/or knowing which in turn calls for a production of new discourses and knowledge, new and different approaches to concept of the body, the political, new forms and practices of representation that are beyond totalitarian, exclusionary, patriarchal, subject – object frameworks.

Question of sexuality within this ‘open’ framework points to the perspective that sexuality may be a decisive issue for its analytic and strategic reasons. It represents a litmus test upon which many significant questions are presented; it is the concept that is within itself different and is consequently always already con/text sensitive. Sexuality, with its multiple meanings as body, desire, identity, can be understood only from a multiple and complex positions, and a variety of different and contextual perspectives, historical, cross-cultural, gender sensitive, biological, artistic, literary, etc.

Con/text sensitive theory, and politics, recognizes (sexual) differences as temporally, spatially, geo-politically constructed. Questioning sexualities from a variety of disciplinary and topical perspectives represents an attempt to challenge what is “proper to human”, “the essence” as well as the future of sciences, economics, ethics, politics. Moreover, question of sexuality recalls inter/multi disciplinary approaches since sex and sexuality are interwoven with other social categories such as gender, race, class, and nationality, as they are constitutive of all power relation formations.

This seminar will therefore while discussing politics of differences – as differing from identity politics – address many questions, such as: how can democracy accommodate differences, what are different ways of bonding, do we have any visions of different communities.