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The Centre for Women’s Studies in Zagreb is available as a partner for projects with a wide scope, from adult and youth education to policy innovation, and cultural initiatives, all with the goal of tackling gender stereotypes, contributing to the improvement of gender related policies at the local, national and eu level, and contributing to feminist theories and practices.

The Centre for Women Studies (CWS) in Zagreb, Croatia, is a non-governmental, non- profit organisation founded in 1995 by civil society activists, scholars and artists, which offers a non-formal programme in Women’s Studies and is a place for comprehensive academic and civic discussions on key women’s and gender issues and feminist theory. Our main activities are education, research, publishing, advocating, and cultural projects. Target groups are women (including those with disabilities), students, policy makers, and professionals, including artists, educators, LLL practitioners, and scholars.

In our work, we are guided by the principle of respecting diversity, including differences in gender, age, ethnicity or national origin, religion, socio-economic status, or other grounds. The Centre has been a part of every major policy initiative on women’s issues in Croatia over the past two decades. We contributed to the Croatian Shadow report to the CEDAW on gender equality in higher education (2005), provided expertise within the national working group drafting the Gender Equality Act (Accent on Education, 2008), and we were part of the working group drafting the regional Action Plan for Implementation of Gender Equality Policy (2013), including co-authoring the monitoring research. In addition, we made an opinion on the National Policy for Gender Equality from 2011 to 2015 and we contributed our expertise on the Act on Rights of Victims of Sexual Violence in War (2015).

We have a great amount of experience working on EU projects (IPA, EAC, EACEA, Grundtvig, Erasums+), both as a partner and a project coordinator. In addition, we are able to win the cooperation of women’s organisations in neighbouring countries in our work, including both EU-members and non-EU members. This greatly enhances the comprehensiveness and quality of our outcomes. Through the Women’s Network of Croatia we are also connected to the work of the European Women’s Lobby and we are member of ATGENDER, the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation. A team of 6 employees and a membership roster of 87 women, including women academics in the social sciences and humanities, contribute to the work of CWS.